Thursday, January 3, 2013

About Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman I (Ottoman Turkish: سلطان سليمان اول Sultan Süleyman-ı evvel, Turkish: Kanuni Sultan Süleyman or Muhteşem Süleyman) is the tenth emperor and sultan of the Ottoman Empire and 75th Khaliphate of Islam. He is also known as Suleiman the Magnificent in the West and "The Lawgiver" (Turkish: Kanuni, Arabic: Al-Qanuni) in East because of his great reconstruction of Ottoman Law system. He was born in 1491, 6th November in Trabzon. He died in 1566, 7th September in Zigetvar (Hungary).

He had been Sultan of Ottoman Empire for 45 years and 337 days with 13 military campaigns. He spent his 9 years during these campaigns. He is the longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire. After Selim I, his father, died in 1520, he became the sultan of the Ottomans. He conquered Belgrade, Rhodes and almost whole Moldova and most of Hungary. He did siege Vienna in 1529 however the siege was failed for many reasons. He also conquered most of Middle East fighting against Safavids and large lands of North Africa including Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman navy dominated the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Ottoman Empire had been 6.557.000 km2 under Selim I's rule but became 14.893.000 km2 with Suleiman's campaigns. He married with a harem girl, Hurrem Sultan. (Ukrainian: Roxelena, Turkish: Hürrem Sultan) He died in 1566 in Hungary and Selim II, Suleiman's son from Hurrem Sultan, succeeded after his death.